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Young Achievers Daycare (Where Children Grow) offer a safe, relaxed environment where your child's individual needs are met within a group setting. 

We respect each child’s personal growth rhythm and actively listen to his/her challenges and reflection. We offer a curriculum that is fun, active and is based on engaging, play-based learning activities.

The children are also taught to care for their own personal belongings as well as respect the person and property of others. The children will be encouraged to integrate healthy relationship principles into their daily lives. We provide a relaxed, welcoming environment where children can express himself/herself freely without prejudice.

An attitude of respect and kindness is extended to all children, parents, staff, personnel and anyone else associated with the program. Our goal is to cultivate a sense of belonging for children and their families. The pursuit of a cooperative link between all parties enhances the developmental potential of the child and the services offered by Young Achievers Daycare (Where Children Grow).

Please refer to our Program Description page for more information on the type of programs we offer.

Looking for programs in your area? Refer to the Program Availability section.

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